Juvenile Law

Juvenile law governs delinquency and other related matters. State statutes define which persons are under the original jurisdiction of the juvenile court. Most states define the upper age of juvenile court jurisdiction in delinquency matters as 17.

When juveniles are referred to the juvenile courts, the court determines whether an adjudicatory hearing is warranted or to transfer jurisdiction to an adult criminal court.

When a juvenile judge sets the case for "adjudication," a trial is set.  In lieu of twelve jurors, juvenile court trials are done by a judge or commissioner. Therefore it is very important that you have a lawyer that is familiar with juvenile court proceedings. Only an experienced juvenile attorney will be able to object to any unfair tactics by the court and prosecutor or the presentation of inadmissible evidence.

Once a juvenile is under juvenile court disposition, the court may retain jurisdiction until the juvenile legally becomes an adult . In some jurisdictions, juvenile offenders may be classified as youthful offenders which can lead to extended sentences.  This is where the defense attorney’s experience and legal expertise will be most beneficial.

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